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TUYISENGE Bonaventure


25,000 Frw


60 Min

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Working Experience

TUYISENGE has completed recently a two years contract under UNDP serving the One UN Group as a Staff Counsellor since March, 2020 responding to the psychosocial effects of COVID-19 and he delivered tele-counselling services to all UN agencies Staff and their dependents in Rwanda.

He had previously worked with the current University of Rwanda for 8 years before, performing counselling services including the intervention during genocide memorial periods, Counselling training activities.

He also brings an academic qualification with a BSc, in Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling; and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management of Health Systems (University of Liverpool); an Advanced Certificate in Counselling Supervision (Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors/School of Counselling Studies and other Professional counselling related certificates from highly recognized UK Universities (Reading, Coventry, Kings’ College London, Etc.) .

He also provided the following services:

Handled and referred some cases of Alcohol and substance abuse,

Assisted UN staff members and/or their families as well as other UN Personnel (civilians, military and police officers) in addressing their family and marital issues, job related performance issues, sexual, harassment and work related abuses facilitating referral services in close collaboration with other medical staff and human resource unit, UN security and administration units.

Provided actively psychosocial support during emergencies and/or after critical incidents and ensured a continuous staff psychological well-being.

Your Therapist

TUYISENGE Bonaventure

He is a registered and Licensed Counsellor Psychologist with an extensive 14 years of professional experience in counselling at both national (10 years) and International (4 years) level. He served the United Nations in South Sudan before as Staff counsellor for 4 years whereby was delivering individual and group counselling services (2015-2019).

TUYISENGE Bonaventure work English ,French and Kinyarwanda

TUYISENGE Bonaventure
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